What Mary Magdalene means to Me

By Rose Snow, a participant on the Pilgrims Programme 2014 - 2015

As a child I was a devout Catholic, and was taught that Mary Magdalene was a shameful and remorseful supplicant woman that Jesus took pity on.  In addition, Jesus's mother Mary was portrayed as passive and lifeless, yet superhuman (as she was able to give birth without having sex). Understanding these female icons as a young girl brought a kind of personal shame which feminism, feminist theology and my own inner spiritual wisdom changed for me.  I now know Mary Magdalene to be an enlightened mystic - beloved of Jesus, balm for his humanity.  I believe she could know Him because she knew Herself.   

I am participating in the Mary Magdalene Pilgrim's Programme for two main reasons I want to open my heart and mind to Mary Magdalene's teachings. I am not sure where to find these teachings in the mass of theological books available but I do know that the teachers on the Program have been immersed in these scriptures, and can therefore bring them directly to me.   I know that some of the teachers are open channels to Mary Magdalene's energy, and I want to experience that.  As a woman I need that feminine mystical energy to enrich my life.  I joined Fay Barratt's Mary Magdalene retreat in South Wales at  Easter 2014, and found it to be a deeply enriching experience. At times the channels were so open I felt like I was one of the woman around Jesus, such was the creativity and depth unleashed.

I desire a deep heart and mind connection with Mary Magdalene - one of the greatest historical and spiritual figures ever to have lived. Through her teachings I believe I can expand my capacity for Love.   I know how creative and holy she was, and how beloved she was of Jesus, and I hope to be enriched through knowing her more closely, as a woman, as a poet and as a writer.