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The Mary Magdalene School of Wisdom is for women and men who wish to explore the mysteries of spirit, matter and light through the Divine Feminine power, energy and teachings of Mary Magdalene, related teachings and through exploration of their individual spiritual path.

These are challenging times.  Now, perhaps more than ever, we need the powerful and tender aspect of the divine feminine to come fully into our world.  Mary Magdalene teaches us how to open hearts to hold the suffering and how to compassionately move forward to a place of pure love.

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What's on...

From online courses to one-off retreats, see below for what is coming up on the School's calendar


The magdalene gateway

Online 2018/2019

A seven-week online programme exploring the teachings and energy of Mary Magdalene. Can be a stand alone programme of spiritual awakening or a gateway into the Pilgrim's Community of the Mary Magdalene School of Wisdom.



Online Easter Week14th to 21st of April

A journey through the events of Easter week with the women around Jesus. This online Easter programme is guided by the feminine aspect of the Divine and invites participants to embark on a journey through triumph and darkness to the knowledge of the risen Christ, or fully awakened soul within each of us. Previous participants have said they have found participating in this programme to be a profound and moving experience. 

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magdalene in avalon

Glastonbury, April 2019

A weekend retreat in the sacred setting of Glastonbury. Led by Fay Barratt and Mike Stewart. We will explore the sacred marriage between masculine and feminine and the place of oneness beyond all.