Universal Worship Service

Interfaith Ministers Peter and Leah Findlay invite you to dive deeply into an exploration of feminine divinity at a Universal Worship Service in Hebden Bridge on Sunday 9th November at 4:30-6pm.

Fay Barratt will be joining them for this special service to invite us all to find a new relationship to Mary Magdalene through meditation and chanting. Ralph Nimmann will also lead a Dance of Universal Peace where participants will be able to invite the divine feminine into our fingers and our toes.

The service will include the ritual of breaking bread; oppourtunities for participants to share and Peter Findlay will be telling a traditional Welsh story about a strong-willed woman's attempts to fufill her husband's dying wish.

People of all traditions and none are welcome to join in devotion, prayer and fellowship. Children aged ten and up also welcome.

There is a suggested donation of £5 / 4 / 3.