The Creative Heart in the Divine Feminine

by Fay Barratt

Can you hear it? Can you feel the vibrations in your ears, your body, your heart? It’s a BIG, RAW, ROAR of Creative Divine Feminine Energy. Just be really still a moment and breath. Listen to Her messages. Perhaps she wants to bring you to an awareness of your need to conform, to be good and not to shake things up too much. Perhaps she invites you to dance, sing, create, be wild, be still, be soft, be silent, howl at the moon, be mighty.

Venus by Botticelli

Venus by Botticelli

For thousands of years, in the west we have, for the most part, followed the masculine path in social organisation, politics, organised religion and often in our innermost spiritual life. That path is straight, ordered, hard, linear, goal- defined, expansive and based in the mind; qualities we need for a ‘civilised’ society; but it is one sided and distorted without the balance of the spiralling, curving, chaotic, soft, connecting, enfolding, heart based qualities of the feminine. At a deep level each of us longs to find our way towards integration and wholeness. Discovering and expressing the truth of the deep Feminine is often experienced as a breaking of the soul restricting rules that we have created for ourselves. This releases the energy of creation from a portal within us that is eternally connected to the Source of all Being.

Hinduism tells us that when Brahma created the Universe it was through the female creative power, Shakti. In fact the Eastern religions and First Nation spiritual paths have many examples of the Divine Feminine, just as our pre Christian ancestors acknowledge the Great Mother in her many forms. There are so many ancient Goddesses and not enough space in this entire magazine to mention all their names. I encourage you to look them up. You may find that for millenia the Great Goddess has also been calling your name.

Today we see the masculine hierarchal religions being split open. Women as spiritual teachers and incarnations of the Divine Mother are being acknowledged all over the world. There is a growing interest in figures like Isis, Kuan Yin, Mary Magdalene, Mother Meera, Gangaji, to name but a few. As we embrace the Divine Feminine in our spiritual life we discover the real identity of the Holy Spirit. For the Hebrews She was Shekina, the in-dwelling wisdom and presence of God. The New Testaments were written in Greek, the Greek word for spirit pneuma is neutral, whereas in the language of Christ, Aramaic, the word is Ruah, feminine. So we discover the feminine Spirit that connects us with the essential God/Goddess energy of Oneness.

The Hindu 'Shakti'

The Hindu 'Shakti'

Everywhere I look I see more and more people, women and some men, calling in the chaotic Grace of the Divine Feminine. We are preparing for the SACRED MARRIAGE; for the rebalancing of masculine and feminine and the birthing of a new level of human spirituality. But for the marriage to take place the bride must turn up fully! No hiding behind pillars or being locked in back rooms. The earth of threshing floor is cracking open with the unstoppable force of HER energy. SURRENDER. Surrender and discover how alive we can be.

This rebalancing begins within each of us, men and women. So how do we surrender? How do we open to the Divine Feminine power within us? There are as many ways as there human beings. I would like to share the way that She has opened for me in the hope that it will bring forth a resonance in you.

More than 20 years ago I experienced what I would now call a spiritual crisis. I felt the fragrance of the Mother almost imperceptibly brush my cheek. I was a single parent with a broken heart, an ‘atheist’ on my knees with the painful illusions of human existence. I was ready to return, to open my heart to Spirit. I remembered how deep my connection had been in childhood, yet now the doors to my old beliefs seemed permanently closed. At this time all I knew was that ‘God’ and church were definitely not for me. But somehow the concepts of Goddess, Divine Mother, Higher Self felt more authentic, safer approach. So tentatively, in my search to find meaning, I walked in through the feminine door. I now know that I had never been abandoned by God the Father or by my earthy father and I am happy to be in any place of worship, church, temple or stone circle.

In the years since then I have become an Interfaith Minister and soul centred counsellor, spending 9 years teaching at the Interfaith Seminary. I have taught about the Divine Feminine and lead many Divine Feminine retreats. But now the great Shekina, the Divine Shakti has got me by the scruff of the neck and propelled me into new way of being. I came from an arts background. I paint, I went to Art College, I was a stage designer and director, for years I ran drama and multi arts workshops. Yet, for most of the time, I have been keeping those gifts, that whole part of me separate from my ‘spiritual teacher’ persona. Now I am being guided to bring these two sides of me together to create a more authentic teaching for myself and others. I know from past experience that each of us has huge creative potential that can be expressed in a multitude of ways. I know from the present that the explosive, creative power of the Divine Feminine can birth that creative potential and make it manifest in the centre of our lives and in the glory of our hearts. This can be experienced as the Mother’s gentle nurturing or as the Mother’s quick and guiding smack! But it is always experienced as the out pouring and in flowing of Love itself.

I invite you to call this creative power into your life. Yes, it is risky. You risk changing and experiencing others change towards you. You risk experiencing yourself as a free, vibrant soul. So again you may ask, how? Here is a suggestion:

  1. The hardest part of any creative process can be beginning, so first set your intentions to begin, to open your heart, your body and your soul to the Feminine energy arising from within you. 2. Find yourself alone in a sacred place, this may be somewhere of natural beauty, a tree, a flower, a mountain; it may be a candle lit in a silent room; it may be with paints in front of a canvas, or pen and the empty page; it may be with music vibrating through your body; it may be holding a drum or a keyboard. You know which is for you. 3. Invoke Her presence. This may come naturally to you, if not then just try one of the following. Call, sing, pray aloud, pray silently. If you know a Goddess, even just the name of a Goddess that resonates with you then you can use that. You might want to use a pray like this:

Divine Presence of the All pervading Creative Power, Lady of Beauty and Love, Goddess of my heart. I call on you in all of creation and from within myself. Be here, now. Teach me to surrender to Your touch. Help me hear Your voice. Bring me home to my powerful creative Self. Birth me.

  1. Drop into your heart. Maybe even visualise your consciousness moving into the physical heart centre. Maybe visualise your heart gently opening like a rose. Stay there for a while.
  2. Let yourself be guided. Don’t be shy and don’t be afraid of failure. You will succeed.

I leave you with this ancient message from Her:

“You are experiencing me now, yet you do not recognise me. There is no remedy for your ignorance other than to worship me as your innermost self. Surrender yourself to me with joyful one-pointed devotion, and I will help your discover your true being. Abide in consciousness as continuous and effortless as the ignorant abide in their bodies. Abide in me as I abide in you. Know that there is absolutely no difference between us. Realise it now!” from the Tripura Rahasya.

Truth. Painting by Fay Barratt

Truth. Painting by Fay Barratt