About Rebecca Holmes

Rebecca Holmes was overshadowed by The Magdalena  (Mary Magdalene energy) consciously during the pregnancy and birth of her third son. The process unfolded uncovering issues that hurt and there were physical consequences that are still healing. Rebecca lives a life of wonder and magic woven into the fabric of family life with a husband that works away from home and caring for three teenage sons. Her life with The Magdalena is about the nous/ practical spiritual intelligence that harbours no dogma and kills nothing but fear and doubt.

Rebecca Holmes and Mary Magdalene

Rebecca’s relationship with Mary Magdalene is about:

  • The movement of soul to reunion with spirit
  • The practicality of clearing fear without hesitation
  • Knowing that I am always loved and never alone
  • Realisation that in every moment I can be who I am and do what I do because I am enough
  • A new way of life where the hypocrisy  of caring is shattered
  • Preparation of death of the old way and the birth of living in truth