The key teachings of this course will be delivered online via a teleseminar where Fay Barratt or a guest teacher will offer some inspiration and take questions.  These will take place on the first Sunday of each month from 4pm to 5.30pm (GMT). All sessions will be recorded and available on line to all participants so there is plenty of opportunity to review or catch up if you have missed a session.

Some of the main themes to be explored include:

  • Discovering oneself as spirit in matter
  • The sacred marriage of masculine and feminine
  • How to be with the suffering of the world
  • What is intimacy with self, other, The Divine Source?
  • What is the Kingdom of Light?
  • What is my personal soul journey into peace?

Texts will include:

  • The Gospels of Mary Magdalene
  • The Gospels of Philip and Thomas
  • Thunder the Perfect Mind
  • Pistis Sophia

We will also explore some modern writings and received inspiration from Fay Barratt and others.

The Pilgrims Programme is supported by the following:

Personal Mentors
Each participant is supported by a personal mentors who will be available via telephone or Skype for one hour each month. This will provide an opportunity for participants to undertake a more personal exploration of themselves as spirit in matter.

Regular emails
Each week inspiration, texts,  and a suggested practice, will be disseminated via email. Email reminders will also be distributed to support participants in continuing their focus and commitment.

A closed, confidential Facebook page will also support this learning for participants to share questions, insights, wisdom, art, poetry, music, tears, laughter and support.

Self Study
You are invited to take this pilgrimage at your own pace. The more you able to commit to your spiritual practice and to the join the other pilgrims in the suggested study and the practices, the more you are likely to gain.

There will be optional  live retreats in England, Wales and France focused on:

  • Sharing and processing our journeys  Devotional practice and ritual
  • Receiving Magdalene’s teaching through Fay and one another
  • Creativity including poetry art, dance and chant
  • Releasing blocks to love and healing.

All the live retreats will include a daily online session inviting all participants of the Pilgrims Programme.