Mohini Chatlani, Associate Artist

Music, singing, yoga and a deep interest in changing consciousness have been the threads running through Mohini's life and soul from a very early age. Her journey from the performance stage and classical singing to chanting and sounding through yoga and meditation, has slowly unfolded, revealing depth, originality and wisdom of deep, natural and spontaneous sound and movement. She believes that Sound and Yoga coupled with a deep interest in Self-Inquiry through various Yogic, Buddhist, Taoist traditions and Humanistic Psychotherapy which she weaves into her practice and teaching, have the power to heal deep wounds and move us into a fresh new vision of ourselves. She encompasses her diverse and rich ancestral heritage from India and Egypt into her singing, which is powerful, uplifting and unique.Her emerging musical and singing style is vibrantly eclectic, breathing and expressing in its own way, creating sound-scapes which have their own identity and trajectory. 

Her current project "The Voice of Yoga" is a unique synthesis of Dynamic and Yin Yoga, Sacred and Spontaneous Sound and Mohini's original compositions. She offers one day or half day workshop/events nationally and internationally.