Below are some of Fay Barratts inspired writings from Mary Magdalene.


Light into Light

“I will help you to look up.  Look into the Universal Cosmic face.  Look into Light Itself.  Beloved child of God.  Please be more attentive.  Feel your body growing in the strength of the light.  Breath in and within the Light Ways. “

‘Turn on the lights in your minds and become a vast galaxy of stars shining out into deep space.  Float upon the waves of energy emitting form your own centres.  Be not afraid of being vast within an infinite cosmos that touches the very edge of creation itself.  You are Love. Let your smile, your kiss, your touch, your word become the incendiary devise to light up worlds of light. Light within Light. Light into Light.’


Your Play of Un-readiness is just a Play of Light

"Until you are willing to let Christ wash your feet you are not ready."
(Fay replied: Then Beloved Lady I am not yet ready.)

"That is so in your day-to-day consciousness.  It is the great task as a human being to find the readiness, be completely open to, humble yourself completely, to fully and finally receive the Christ into you.  It is not my purpose to force this upon you.  My purpose is to be your preparation for the sacred marriage – the spot, einsof, - I cannot find words for this.  It is the minute point of power – infinitely small, holding infinite creation; creation as matter, energy, light, being within.

All is light my love.  Your play of un-readiness is just a play of light".


Take the Hand of Each Person...

"The only way forward in this age is to take the hand of each person.  To meet in my name is to embrace the oneness of being.  All light, radiance, emanations of God’s love resides in you – all of you, without exception.  You hold the heart of love, delicate, flower like, yet with the strength of a million lions of Judah. You are all called to join in peace today. You are called to honour the left hand, the sinister, the way of the bride.  Open your arms to the Divine Love that calls you to its source.  Be as the bride, shining with love and expectation.   All is well and good.  I will assist you in the experience of this goodness. You are to become the true human beings.  Channels of pure love, energy, being, joy.  Channels of spirit into matter, though in the deepest hidden truth there is only spirit and you are its creations and you are its children; and as children you are loved, blessed, taken home to the place of all knowingness. Rest in this message.   Rest in the beauty of your courage.   Rest in one another.   All is good and well."

Mary Magdalene inspiration through Fay Barratt, shared at the School of Wisdoms free teleseminar on 28th September 2014.


Bearing the Suffering in the World

Fay Barrett’s inspired writing from Mary Magdalene talks of how she managed to stay at the foot of the cross during Christ’s crucifixion.

“We women did not sleep.  We knew the moment of his trial was upon us and we were afraid, accepting and in a place of trauma.  We were also still, very still. Deep in prayer.  I joined with him and I wept and wept, until the hand of God touched me and I knew.  Knowing all, being all, with, in and of all.  After that it was just waiting and praying”
As for the crucifixion. What can I say? It was the worst pain.  Yet we women stayed.  We knew.  At the level of the heart and the nous* we understood, but the pain was searing.”

A video of Fay exploring and explaining these inspirations will be free and available soon.

(*Nous - understood to be not only the highest activity of the human soul but also the divine and transcendent principle of cosmic order.