Excerpt from the inspired commentary on the Gospel of Mary Magdalene given to Fay Barratt in 2011.

The Inner Divine. Painting by Fay Barratt

The Inner Divine. Painting by Fay Barratt

The following is a direct transcript of inspirational writing explaining a portion of the Gospel of Mary Magdalene in the voice of Mary Magdalene. Any comments from me are in brackets.

We begin with a quote form the gospel then Magdalene's words are in italics:

“Peter said to Him, “Since you have explained everything to us, tell us this also. What is the sin of the world?” The Saviour said,” There is no sin, but it is you who make sin when you do things that are like the nature of adultery, which is called sin. That is why the Good came into your midst, to the (essence) of every nature, in order to restore it to it’s root.”

*Things like the nature of adultery (such as) betrayal, turning away from the Beloved turning away from the living communion-intimacy - God/Spirit/Flesh. Sin is turning away from the sacred union. When you turn away to seek satisfaction pleasure, reassurance, identity, life with another – things - others, that is called sin.

*When you turn away and join with the untruth, the imitation of union; you do this in doubt, fear, depression, greed, craving, or very often in seeming helplessness, carelessness, confusion, delusion, sleepiness, blindness.

Sin is a turning away from LOVE. You think that you can find LOVE without your true essence - pattern of God - inner beingness. Sometimes you try to have intimacy with the Beloved and without the Beloved at the same time. In this you lose yourself. It makes me so sad to contemplate the pain that you feel when your back is turned to the brilliant Light of LOVE.

Yet the Beloved is never hurt by this, (unlike in human adultery). God is beyond all notions. Untouched by your adultery. Forever holding you in the embrace of deep abiding LOVE. Forever knowing you as your perfection. All else is untrue. Though you can live the untrue as if it were real.

That is why the Good - The Word - Logos - Holy Spirit - Shekina comes to you. For in the Good you are re-membering yourself as the Divine essence - Truth Emanation. When you are in the Good - surrounded by Holy Spirit - touching Truth - then you again feel the sweet embrace of the Beloved. You become as one, though you are two. You are restored to your root.

‘Awakened and living in communion with Her’. I say Her but you know there is no meaning that language can make for the One. The Good takes you into your essence which is eternally in the embrace of God - LOVE.*

*Yes, The teacher said. There is no sin. There is no sin. There is no sin. Awaken to this truth. There is no sin. We are forever in the blissful embrace of the Beloved.

When I looked into the eyes of Jeshua I knew this. He brought the intimacy of God’s embrace. This, again, is beyond saying. *