Mary Magdalene as a Glorious Gateway

Olivea Dewhurst Maddock talks about what attracts her to the energy of Mary Magdalene.

"Awakening the indwelling presence of God releases the beauty of wisdom and compassion, prayer and meditation, colour and sound, form and word, as blessings upon all life. I believe that we are approaching the beginning of a “Spiritual Renaissance” –  an outpouring of Light so badly needed by the world. Therefore the core and focus of our energetic work at this time is found in the awakening and healing of our souls.  Each day holds a wondrous gift and opportunity of transformation.

So it is to these activities that I give my attention and time.  I believe that the Mary Magdalene School is a glorious gateway to a sacred space of unfolding understanding, new life and joy in dedicated companionship.  I hope to meet you there."

Olivea Dewhurst Maddock