Is it complicated to receive the online Pilgrims Programme?

Not at all. If you are able to receive email then it is very simple. Each participant will receive regular emails with links for teleseminars and live streaming - it will be as simple as clicking through to a site. You will need to set up a Facebook account if you do not already have one. This will allow you to access our closed and confidential Facebook site.

How does this relate to my present religion/spiritual path?

The Mary Magdalene School of wisdom brings universal teaching that may be accessed by people of all beliefs. It is not intended to be an alternative religion or spiritual path but a compliment to your own inner enquiry. Whatever event you attend or programme you embark on it is entirely up to you how much you engage with this school.

Can I take part in some events and not others?

Some events will only be accessible for those who have committed to a full programme, whilst others will be open to the public. Please contact us if you are not sure about the openness of any event.

What would I have to give up or commit to if I do the Pilgrims Programme?

The Pilgrims Programme does not require participants to relinquish anything in particular. In addition, it is not required that participants follow every detail of the programme or log on or download every session. Each person chooses if they wish to fully partake of all that is available through this programme, or simply choose the parts that they are able and willing to do.

Is Mary Magdalene channeled through Fay Barratt?

Fay receives inspiration from a source that feels like the energy of Mary Magdalene, as do many others at this time.

What does this mean?

Time is not as we perceive it, in the eternal now the wisdom of the great souls is always available. Whatever is happening the ‘channel’, in this case Fay, has her own style, shape, flavor through which this inspiration comes. However, there is a noticeable similarity between the themes and the style of communication between many of Magdalene’s channels.

Was Mary Magdalene a prostitute?

Nowhere in the New Testament or any of the ancient texts is there an suggestion that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute. In the 5th Century Pope Gregory conflated several of the Marys in the gospels along with the woman who anointed Jesus feet into one Mary Magdalene and defined her as a penitent prostitute. This was repealed by the Vatican in the 1969.