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Celebrate the Feast of Mary Magdalene. for women and men

After the success of last year’s celebration we are delighted to be returning to the magnificence of Manchester Monastery UK..

This year we offer a morning workshop which can be booked and an afternoon anointing ceremony which is open to all.

11.30am – Initiation into the Ancient Feminine Mysteries of the Way

 a workshop with Fay Barratt
You are invited to dive deep into this sacred heart wisdom. Each participant will receive a picture of one of the women disciples to work with and to take home. The women around Jesus are mentioned in the gospels and even more so in the hidden gospels and Gnostic text discovered last century, yet our culture has minimized them and buried their sacred relevance for us. In the Mary Magdalene School of Wisdom we have spent some years discovering their guidance and grace which we, and they, want to share with you now.


Price and Booking details will be here soon, but you can CONTACT US to express interest.

There will be an extended Exhibition of paintings of the Women Disciple by Fay Barratt

2.30pm Magdalene Anointing Ceremony

On this eve of Mary Magdalene’s feast day, the Pilgrim’s Community of the Mary Magdalene School of Wisdom invite you to join them in this beautiful experience. There will be some inspirational poetry and speech and beautiful live singing. We will share the radiant grace of the Divine Feminine blessing through anointing with precious oils - which you can receive or observe.

Please let us know if you are coming so we have some idea of numbers.  Thank you.