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The Magdalene Gateway - a seven-week, online programme. Click for details

This can be done individually at any time or as part of a group beginning in September.

Over seven weeks we become initiated into the teachings and energy of Mary Magdalene. This can be a stand alone programme of spiritual awakening or a gateway into the Pilgrim's Community of the Mary Magdalene School of Wisdom.

Each week you will receive a post with inspiration and suggestions for practice.

Every two weeks you will receive a live audio webcast from Fay Barratt and other teachers, where you can ask questions and make comments.

You are also offered 2 phone or Skype one to one sessions with Fay to support your personal journey.

And you are invited to join the Pilgrim's community live gathering in October.

We will look at:  The Gospel of Mary Magdalene.  Teachings on Intimacy, the sacred marriage of masculine and feminine, how to be fully human and how to find a very personal knowing of the divine presence.

The cost is £70, (bursaries available)

Please contact us with your details when you have paid. Thank you