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The Women at Easter - click here for more info or to pay

People who have taken part in this online retreat have been amazed at the depth of connection and transformation.

Meditation, inspiration, poetry and artwork will be the nourishment for this retreat. There will be daily emails and webcasts with inspiration and suggestions for practice and each participant will receive the name of one of the women to go deeper with. There will also be sharing and support between the participants.

It will be delivered via a 15 to 30 minute broadcasts at ,throughout the week with the exception of Saturday, and with longer sessions on Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  All sessions will be recorded for downloading at a later stage.

The value for this retreat has been set at £68, with concessions available on request.

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Ft The Easter story invites us to embark on a journey through triumph to darkness and to the knowledge of the fully awakened soul within each of us. What is often hidden is the deep mystic engagement of the women who were there. In this online retreat we seek to draw back the stones from their tombs and find our own, personal relationship with them and with this poignant and world changing story and experience.

Mary Magdalene will take the lead, as she did at the time, bringing us a deeper knowledge of the mystic experience that led her to be the first to see and know the risen Christ. The Gnostic Gospels tell us that she was the constant companion of Jesus and that she received teachings from him that were unknown by the other disciples. We will also go deeply into the experience of Mary mother of Jesus, the mother of Judas, other female disciples and women caught up in the Easter mysteries. They hold the key to the heart opening that begins to answer such questions as:

  • How do we hold pure joy and light within when we can see hardship ahead?

  • How do we keep faith when the world around us seems to crumble?

  • How can we stand (as at the foot of the cross) with the greatest suffering of others and be a strong, loving and useful presence?

  • How can we know that there is no death?

  • How can we look into the face of the Cosmic Risen Christ and see ourselves?

  • How do we open ourselves to the place visions?

  • How do I know myself as masculine and feminine, spirit and matter joined in sacred union?