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Gnostic Awakening - An Experiential Day with Martin Nathanael

Gnosis means “knowledge” – to be understood as direct knowledge through oneness with what is known. For some early Christian authorities, this represented the essence of their spirituality. During this experiential day, we will endeavour to resurrect the beauty of gnosis as it was known within the ancient Christian communities. We will be introduced to a Christianity which encourages enquiry and offers ways of realising the divine nature or Christ-Self within.The day will provide an opportunity to meet teachings and practices which nurture the soul’s journey into Oneness.

  • What is Gnosis? - an introduction to the meaning of gnosis, early gnostic writings, and how Gnostic Christianity differs from or complements traditional Christianity.
  • The Adam and Eve Allegory - uncovering a deeper and very different meaning than the traditional “original sin” idea that has blighted western Christianity.
  • The Four Worlds - the Physical, Psychological, Spiritual and Divine Worlds which are demonstrable and accessible to all.
  • A Cosmic World View - a vast, panoramic view of life in which we are assured of our honoured place in the great unfolding drama of the universe.

The day will include a beautiful ritual which celebrates the oneness of all things.

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