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Into the Darkness and Light - read more........

This is a chance for you to take time out from the pre-Christmas madness and find a space for your souls nourishment.  These weeks leading up to the Winter Solstice, Christmas, and Chanuka signify the darkest time before the light returns. We will go on a journey into our fears and desires, our hearts and our eternal souls. We will explore the sacredness, the challenges and the contradictions within both dark and light.

This will be an online retreat, which technically is very simple, so don't worry if you do not have many computer skills.  It will be delivered through emails every few days, 4 webcasts and other opportunities online to share and support other participants. There will be a live streaming or webcast around 16.38 on 21st December, so we can share the magical moment of the Solstice turning: but don't worry all webcasts are recorded for you to listen in your own time.

The retreat will be held by Fay Barratt with contributions from other teachers.

The value is set at £58 with concessionary fees of £48 and £38 available.

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