Above the Battleground

A Mary Magdalene Meditation


Make yourself comfortable in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Mentally, ask for the help of Magdalene to be with you through this visualisation.  You might simply say in your mind something like ‘I ask for the help of Mary Magdalene in this meditation’.
Take 3 or 4 really deep breaths, breathing deeply into your whole body, picturing the breath going into your heart, into your womb or pelvis and down your legs and arms. Relax your body, allowing yourself to become totally present in this moment. Keep breathing deeply as you bring your awareness to something deeper within yourself and around you. In your minds eye, imagine yourself standing outside, in a very big field. As you stand there, bring to mind any people you may have had difficulties with recently and picture them standing in the field with you. These may be people in your family, friendship circle or working lives. Or perhaps people who are or have been in the public arena, people in positions of leadership. Picture, and/or feel them standing in the field with you. You may notice that the field is getting very full.

Then, bring to mind all those that you understand are experiencing cruelty and all those that you understand have been in any way cruel. Picture and/or feel these people in the field with you.  Notice that the crowd is growing as you allow yourself to bring to mind all the wars and conflicts all around the world and to see the people involved standing in this enormous field.  Notice how dark it is, how it is filled with the noise and screams  and the stench and smoke of battle.  This is not a place you want to be.

Now, picture in front of you a narrow pathway of light opening up. At the end of that pathway is a woman of light - Mary Magdalene. She is of beauty and grace and she may walking or dancing but is certainly smiling and holding out her hands. She passes down the narrow pathway towards you and you notice that all those on whom her light falls, become peaceful, contented and quiet, as if they are awakening from a dream even though the field is still full with darkness and violence. She comes closer to you now and reaches out to take your hands and tell you that though she is going to lift you up out of this, it is not so that you will become hardened or turn your back on any of this suffering.

She lifts you above the battlefield and you see yourself rising, very gently. You notice that the field of conflict below is becoming smaller as you rise higher and higher. She is holding your hand and you can feel a lightening within you and you begin to see the edges of this battleground. Around the edges are many other people who each have a radiance shining from them. These are all the people on planet earth who are praying and working for peace outwardly and inwardly. As you become higher and higher above the battleground you notice these make up a great host of people who are all shining with light. You feel this light within yourself and know it is the great support of many soul friends.

You can feel the strength and purpose of Magdalene holding you as you look down with a birds eye view upon the battleground. There you start to see tiny flickers of light here and there. You can see, and feel, that light growing as your heart begins to open. You look down and see everyone below; those who seem to be the oppressors; those who seem to be oppressed; those who seem to be the perpetrators; those who seem to be the victims. You can see them all as beautiful souls and you recognise your purpose as remembering that the light is igniting within all of them. The radiance that you feel around you now is truly encouraging and filling the battlefield, the whole of planet earth. It is a radiance of peace.

So, very gently, holding the hand of Magdalene you begin now to descend again to that field bringing with you the strength and radiance you have experienced and the knowledge that you can rise above the battleground at any time and see truth. Very gently take some deep breaths to bring this radiance and peace into your body, very slowly moving around slightly and coming back into the present moment.