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The Mary Magdalene School of Wisdom is for women and men who wish to explore the mysteries of spirit, matter and light through the Divine Feminine power, energy and teachings of Mary Magdalene, related teachings and through exploration of their individual spiritual path.

These are challenging times.  Now, perhaps more than ever, we need the powerful and tender aspect of the divine feminine to come fully into our world.  Mary Magdalene teaches us how to open hearts to hold the suffering and how to compassionately move forward to a place of pure love.

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Upcoming events…

Olivea Dewhurst Maddock

Reflections from Olivea Dewhurst Maddock - webcast series

May 2019 - October 2019


Our wonderful teacher and friend Olivea offers a series of six, monthly webcasts where she will share her wisdom.


Return to the Dark Goddess - a retreat

1-3 November 2019

Lake District

We return to the beauty of Cumbria and the deep stillness of the Great Mother’s Womb.  This is our only women only event. 

The Magdalene Gateway - a seven-week online programme.

7 September - 26 october 2019

Online - enrollment still open!

A seven week programme open to for people of all paths. An initiation into the teachings and energy of Mary Magdalene.


Magdalene in France - a retreat and pilgrimage

17-25 May, 2020

South of France

A retreat in three parts. Join our pilgrimage to the sacred places where Magdalene brought her teaching.

Mary Magdalene at Manchester Monastery - Lessons in Love

2pm, Every 3rd Sunday of the month, Beginning 15 September

Manchester monastery

music, poetry, inspiration and ritual.For men and women of all spiritual paths. All are welcome.


The Women Disciples - an online journey over nine months

19 November 2019 - 22 July 2020


Dive deep and explore the blessings of these holy women who walked with Mary Magdalene and Jesus.